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The mission of 2ndGen is to supply the Atlanta Metro Area Real Estate community with physical data of single family and multi-family properties to help in the process of appraising real estate.


As custodians of that data, we maintain the highest level of integrity toward the relationship with the appraiser and all information gathered in the process of obtaining that data. 


We strive to maintain the most accurate and up-to-date information and to continually explore new ideas and technology to ensure fast and easy access to that data.


Our Pledge:  We will not knowingly sell data to a third party vendor nor allow vendor access to the database for the purpose of obtaining data for re-sale.   No confidential data will be extracted from any submitted report.  We will only extract data required to facilitate the appraisal process and assist the appraiser toward compliance with USPAP and all state and federal laws. We pledge to only use the subject's data you submit for the database, and we will not mine or farm any other data.





2ndGen will be an efficient supplier of appraiser data, and you, the appraiser, are asked to be a part of the process by supplying 2ndGen with that data.  Every attempt will be made to gather and present detailed information that will assist in the appraisal process and provide property information to the Real Estate community across the Atlanta Metro area.  While you are not required to submit data and are not penalized for not doing so, those submittals will be paramount in making the venture between 2ndGen and the appraisal community a success.  You will also begin to build your own cache of credits as you submit your data. 


2ndGen will NOT allow non-appraisers to submit data, which ensures a quality database.   Data included in the database will be supplied by qualified appraisers that have completed an interior and an exterior inspection of the property.   Our goal is to build a comprehensive database, and we will continue this practice with the help of appraisers across the Atlanta Metro area and immediate outlying counties. 


Ownership of Submitted Data:  While we are not legal experts and cannot make the decision as to ownership, we at 2ndGen do not feel we own the data simply because you have allowed us to include it in the database, and we do not assume ownership in any way.  We are custodians of the data and do not enjoy any rights to it outside of that role.  We offer this partnership with each appraiser individually and to the appraisal community as a whole, and we feel our obligations are to you and the appraisal community.  It is our promise to you that we will NOT sell or use the data for any purpose other than for what it was originally intended, which is to offer it back to the appraisal community in the form of comparable data. 



Data Submittals:


Since Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) guidelines require us to include quality, condition, and basement room count in the appraisal reports, we are asking the appraisal community to include that information in their submittals. The basement room count and quality of the subject property is required to be in the sales grid for UAD compliant reports; therefore, we are asking for pages 1 & 2 for Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) reports (including manufactured homes), pages 1, 2, & 3 for condominiums and multi-family properties, and pages 2 & 3 for Employee Relocation Council (ERC) appraisals.


We will accept appraisals in PDF format that include only page one; however, please submit the additional pages with all new assignments. 


If you are concerned about confidentiality with regard to the additional pages, we suggest an alternative method of creating a PDF or XML file for submittal, which requires no additional work. Please contact us for more information.   


You may submit data in PDF or XML format to:


2ndGen-GA@comcast.net   or  2ndGen.GA@gmail.com


(Please remove any security locks on all PDF files, if possible)





2ndGen offers a unique billing system.  You will be able to maintain expenditures online (Account Maintenance), be able to monitor the account, and build credits toward the use of the system with each report submitted.  You will only be charged for what you decide to keep and print.  One (1) credit will be deducted from the account for each address printed.  There are NO monthly fees, NO quarterly fees, and NO annual fees.


Credits are either earned by submitting appraisal reports or they can be purchased through your Account Management by credit card or PayPal. The initial cost of one (1) credit will be $0.15 and will be reduced in increments with bulk purchases.  Access Account Maintenance or contact us for details on bulk purchases.





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